Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Week 11, ANDS Project

Spent time working on the procedures for an information security procedure for research data management.  Meeting with the policy officer again on Wednesday.
Read very interesting post from UWS on the workflow of research data management.  They had included some sequence diagrams that helped to express the workflows very neatly.  On I think this really adds to the conversation about the workflows here.  Another thing which resonates with me is the Library Loon statement that data management lifecycles place data at the centre but this is not how researchers see the place of data.  Instead we should see how data fits into the research lifecycle 
The library has brought a copy of the book Managing Research Data (Pryor, G (ed.) 2012, Managing research data, Facet Publishing, London.)  the chapter I have read so far are interesting particularly the one on the life cycle although it takes a very data centric point of view rather than a researcher centric view.  However the information is good.  Some of the chapters take a very library orientated point of view so focus on what data management means to the librarian.
Still been working on the procedures part of this issue is working out the workflow of the researcher so I will draw on some of Peter Sefton’s sequence diagrams.  I am trying to examine necessary procedures for information security.


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