Sunday, 18 November 2012

Week 16, ANDS Project

I had recorded the interview with the systems biology director, even though I had taken notes I described to transcribe the interview.  This did take quite a long time (50 minutes interview), but it was worth it as I had not recorded some important information.  The director had suggested that 20 minutes was an appropriate amount of time to spend interviewing researchers about their practices, so I have cut the number of questions down to 10.  I did think I could then do a follow up visit for any data collection material and if they are willing to talk for longer I can take the time.
Spoke to Luis, re implementation plan and I think I have a semi-plan of how to proceed now.  It is quite difficult to resolve who the audience is for that plan.  I believe it is for the executive level of the University and therefore should be at a high level strategic level.
Finally getting around to changing the records to meet the ANDS requirements, it is incredibly hard to do mostly because the SpreadSheet ANDs use to return the results does not match the tabs in the interface where you are fixing the record.  I have printed the spread sheet out but because it is so wide you don’t get the element names with the record.  Also one of the authors is away until the 8th of December.


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