Sunday, 2 December 2012

Week 17 and 18, ANDS Project

Prepared for steering committee meeting and had a long meeting with Luis from ANDS re the audited records.  Working manually with the records is very time consuming.  I eventually finished adjusting the records which was extremely difficult to work methodically though.  I was working on the last record just deleting the final erroneous entry when the record just vanished.  For one horrible moment all the records did not seem to exist but all the records except for the one I was working on did reappear.  I did recreate the record but this was an activity record where I had drawn information from a website for a research fellowship.  Unfortunately in the length of time between creating the record and the record disappearing the fellowship web site had been update and the information summarised.  As I had entered the information directly into the RDA web site, I had no backup of the information.  This is a big mistake and I will never enter records like this again.
In future I will make a word or Excel working document to detail the record and then cut and paste across into RDA.


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