Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Week 4, ANDS Project

I met with the Director of the sciences pilot group re data collections who stated that a lot of their research was done with funding from a Board.  This board is funded from a subscription on farmers and Government funding.  This funding means that their research is commercial in confidence.  However we talked about providing an Excel spreadsheet for metadata entry next week and about using some older data such as lab notes.  He is in the middle of shifting offices due to construction so difficult.
I had a meeting with ICT who stated that it was very difficult to build a case for research ICT as they did not know how many researchers there were and what their requirements were.  Researchers tended to approach them on an individual basis.  However they wanted to do something and knew that they had to do something just not sure what would fit the needs of researchers.
Wednesday: Met with the person from the Arts pilot group who is interested in the project and wants an Arts voice in the Data Management discussion.
Has the following kinds of data:
·         Photographs
·         Magazine articles
·         Postcards
·         Oral histories etc.

Feels concerned that it is how she has put the collection of material together that adds to her research and that the metadata details her IP in the project.  I stated that we would complete the metadata with her input and that the intent is not to publish a data collection from research that is ongoing but rather when a project is completed.  She wanted it very clear that it was for the end of a project so that the publishing of a data collection does not sabotage her research.
Wanted to do what happens to a DOI landing page if the researcher leaves the University. – Note there is a policy on but is this policy actually put in practice?

She said that she needed a lot of storage space for digital images and oral histories.  She currently has images stored which are burnt on CD/ DVD’s and uses an external hard drive that she takes with her when she leaves the University.  She has moved here around 8 months ago from another University and when she left she took all her research data with her.  No one informed her of any other policy.

ANDS meeting
Need to establish a vision of what the project is trying to do at USQ.
Steering committee 3 or 4 is the right number of members, we seem to have the mix right.
Need to ensure that you join the researcher to the researcher data.
The metadata must go into a metadata store.
Having metadata does not equate to free access.  Metadata means that the collection is exposed to discovery not necessarily reuse.
For uploading manual record
  1. Identify research collection
  2. Get the metadata
  3. Then upload with ANDS walking you through that process.
12 out of 22 institutions are using ReDBox.
NLA party identifiers are for machine to machine use and they do not have a manual method yet.

Meeting with Climate pilot group to look at their metadata database.  It is a collection of papers organised around a location and then three different topic area.  I think this could work for the three initial collections. 
Note: when I had a look at the actual data it was published papers which does not qualify as a collection.  However they are all recent and I have asked the Directors persisson to talk to the authors to see if I could gain access to the data the papers were based upon which would be suitable but it is going to take longer they I have for the first three records.


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