Sunday, 26 August 2012

Week 5, ANDS Project

Meeting with policy officer – very helpful and stopped me floundering quite so much when trying to write the policy.  However I have to do a consultation and implementation plan for the policy as well.  They had the suggestion that I do a spread sheet of other institutions policies so that the inclusion of the objective in the policy is as objective as possible. Frances from ANDS said that she already had one which I could use.
USQ does not have a procedure for
·         The retention and disposal of research data and primary materials.
·         What happens to research data when someone leaves the university either staff or postgraduate student.
·         Clear statement of ownership of who owns research data – applies to above.
Created first draft of data management life cycle.
One of the things arising from the ANDS Surgery web meeting was that we should ask the question – What can data management due for USQ?
Vision - What can data management due for USQ
·         Education in data management – Version control, file naming protocols, planned back-up schedule (data protection).
·         Increase skills in research management.
·         Make explicit planned data management strategies to help project plan.
·         Provision of research friendly facilities, for instance research data storage space.
·         Awareness of University wide research to help drive within university collaboration.
·         Research data is archived in a protected storage area.
·         Clarity of who owns copyright and intellectual property of the project.
·         Don’t lose data assets incorrectly stored.
·         Aggregation of researcher needs to help drive University support

·         Increase in higher degree student enquiry
·         Better able to quantify impact of all research carried out in faculty
·         Exit strategy for academics and postgraduate students to protect school knowledge retention.
·         Audit of all research activity carried out in the institution
·         Raise profile of research carried out by institution
·         Drives global collaboration links
Steering committee’s input
·         Makes the university compliant with code for responsible conduct of research
·         Makes the university compliant with University sector retention and disposal schedule.
·         Makes the university compliant for funding bodies.
·         Brings the University in line with international institutions.
·         Have consistent data management practices across the University.
·         Higher awareness of policy and strategy.
·         Leverage association with QCIF and use it effectively.
Terms of reference for steering committee
·         Provide oversight of project progress and provide quality assurance.
·         Manage project risk and ensure agreed project outcomes are delivered
·         Assist project manager in response to critical challenges for instance:
o   help to find solutions to problems
o   necessity for more funding.
o   Provide access to technical assistance.

Meeting with three people from the library one of the most important things to arise from the meeting is that I need to have a clear answer for how data management and the e-prints repository fit together.  To my mind they are complementary with the e-prints repository holding the papers and the metadata management system containing the pointers to where the data that the paper is based upon is stored and the metadata providing context for that data.
Re gathering data sets I contacted the person from the history faculty again but they said that they had not had time to think about it.  I included a copy of an historical photograph and a sample of how the metadata would look to describe it.  I have been sent the software from the climate centre so I can read the metadata easily and asked permission from the director if I can contact the researchers who wrote the papers.  The papers are organised by location and theme so if we can add some datasets will make a good collection.
Luis from ANDS helped me to become the data source administrator for USQ in the Research Data Australia site.


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