Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 7, ANDS Project

We had a visit from Luis from ANDS on Tuesday and Belinda Weaver from QCIF.  We had sent out an email the week before inviting interested academics to attend a presentation, with these two guest presenters.  We had interest from 25 participants, however six were from ORHD.  Some of those attending were already familiar with online services available while to others it was new.  Perhaps it might have been better to leverage the two guests better to have split the presentation into two separate sessions as I don’t feel that we gave ANDS enough exposure.
That afternoon Luis walked me through the manual lodging of a data collection record into the Research data Australia portal.  This was straight forward with no issues, other than being time consuming with the addition of the associated records such as Party and Activity. 
Lodged second data collection the next day and completed missing information.


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